Holly Jackson’s True Crime List

You’ve heard all about A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. Chances are you’ve read it and CANNOT get enough.

But don’t worry. We decided to probe the mind of the twisty detective genius that is debut author Holly Jackson. Here’s her list of TV shows and podcasts that will make a detective out of you too. Pip would be proud.

Holly’s True Crime Recommendations

If you’re looking for your next murder mystery fix after A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, you’ll love these recommendations.


A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder was inspired largely by True Crime, and the form in which podcasts/documentary series’ explore these real-life cases. The book isn’t based on any one case, but almost everything that happens is partly inspired by an actual crime (and believe me, real life is often much stranger than fiction).

If you’re looking to tuck into some True Crime, these are some of the very best:    

1. Serial, season one – Podcast

Serial Image

Serial: the podcast that probably started this current wave of true crime obsession (it certainly did with me), and perhaps the biggest influence on AGGGTM. The way the host, Sarah Koenig, dissects the case and constantly questions her own theories will keep you hooked until the very last episode. 

2. My Favourite Murder – Podcast

|My Favourite Murder Podcasr logo

A podcast that marries True Crime with Comedy – I know it sounds like a strange mix but, trust me, it works.

Join hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark in My Favourite Murder as they explore two murder cases every episode, interspersed with their own amusing anecdotes and listeners writing in about their own home-town murders.

I binge-listened to over 100 episodes in just a few weeks when I discovered this gem.

3. They Walk Among Us – Podcast

On the True Crime scene, stories and cases from the US do seem to be the norm. So They Walk Among Us sticks out from the pack as it covers only UK-based crimes. That’s right – a lot closer to home.

They Walk Among Us

Covering a different story each week, the host will talk you through some of the most bizarre murders/ crimes in UK history.

Season 1 Episode 9 in particular BLEW MY MIND. When I say that real life is often STRANGER than fiction, this is the podcast I’m thinking of. And over 40 episodes to catch up on – go on, you best get started.

4. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst – Documentary

I consider this to be the BEST True Crime documentary series of all time. I watched all six episodes in one go because I just couldn’t look away.

Most True Crime series will ultimately end with a shrug and an admission that we will probably never know what truly happened. The Jinx is the outlier in this case.

Avoid spoilers before watching it so you can be as SHOOK as I was.  

The Jinx poster

About Author Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson started writing stories from a young age, completing her first (poor) attempt at a novel aged fifteen.

She lives in London and aside from reading and writing, she enjoys playing video games and watching true crime documentaries so she can pretend to be a detective.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is her first novel. You can follow Holly on Twitter and Instagram @HoJay92.

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