Best Babysitters Ever

By Caroline Cala

A brilliantly funny series for girls aged 10+ that updates The Babysitters’ Club for a modern audience. 

Malia Twiggs has had a great idea. Well, technically she stole her great idea from Kristy Thomas in The Babysitters Club, but a paycheck is a paycheck, sooooo …

Malia (call her Alia) and her best friends, wannabe New Yorker Dot and Swiftie Bree, set up their own babysitting business. Unfortunately they are 100% unqualified and don’t like kids that much. But how else are they going to fund their supercool party that boys will definitely come to? And despite the paint-related disasters and sneaky vanishing kids, it does turn out to be kinda fun … Then Malia’s evil big sister sets up a rival business and steals her clients! It’s war!!

Hilarious, witty and full of heart, Bad Babysitters is perfect for fans of Louise Rennison, Geek Girl, Dork Diaries, and Girl Online.