Dragon Legends

By Daniel Tatarsky
  • A new edition of a popular classic
  • Stunning illustrations from Wayne Anderson, one of the leading fantasy artists of the last 20 years
  • Stories about dragons from all around the world
  • Perfect for children (8+) and adults alike
  • Great Price!

In this sumptuous anthology, David Passes invites us inside the mythical and fantastical world of dragons. He has selected a magnificent mixture of heroic myths, stories and folktales from the storytelling traditions of India, Greece, England, Wales, Sweden and China. Marduck and Tiamat – Babylon, Indra and Vritia – India, Heracles and the Hydra – Greek, Cadmus and the Golden Dragon – Greek, Beowulf and the Fire Dragon – Scandanavia, Saint George – England, The Lambton Worm – England, The Gaoliang Bridge – China, The Chinese Dragon’s Pearl – China, The Mordiford Wyvern – Wales.

Age range: 8+ years onwards