Dragon Legends

By David Passes

Stories about dragons from all around the world, with stunning illustrations from Wayne Anderson.

In this sumptuous anthology, David Passes invites us inside the mythical and fantastical world of dragons. He has selected a magnificent mixture of heroic myths, stories and folktales from the storytelling traditions of India, Greece, England, Wales, Sweden and China. Marduck and Tiamat – Babylon, Indra and Vritia – India, Heracles and the Hydra – Greek, Cadmus and the Golden Dragon – Greek, Beowulf and the Fire Dragon – Scandanavia, Saint George – England, The Lambton Worm – England, The Gaoliang Bridge – China, The Chinese Dragon’s Pearl – China, The Mordiford Wyvern – Wales.

Perfect for children (8+) and adults alike

Great Price!

Age range: 8+ years onwards

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