Fake News: True or False Quiz Book

By Clive Gifford

An interactive jaw-dropping true or false quiz book all about fake news for fans of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and National Geographic Kids Weird but True books.

Sort the facts from the fiction in a wide range of true or false questions and then challenge your friends, parents, grandparents and teachers to see if they know the true stories behind some of the world’s most enduring fake facts and weirdest hoaxes. Trump may have been shouting all about ‘FAKE NEWS’ but it has been a phenomenon since way before he was born!

Goldfish have three-second memories, some people’s sweat is bright blue, farts in jars were used to cure plague victims, peanuts are nuts … Can you spot the truth from the lies?

From dinosaurs and people to science and history – this is the perfect gift for inquisitive children that will widen their knowledge and keep them entertained and amazed for HOURS!

Perfect for fans of Nick Sheridan’s Breaking News

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