Flossie Crums and the Fairies' Cupcake Ball: A Flossie Crums Baking Adventure

By Rob Jones

Flossie Crums and the Fairies Cupcake Ball is the first book in the very sucessful Flossie Crums series.

Flossie Crums is a bit messy, loves dressing up and sometimes finds her little brother very annoying. At the bottom of her garden is a big chestnut tree with a door in its trunk. Beyond the door is the magical kingdom of Romolonia and Flossie. She loves to bake and play with the fairies there.

One day, Flossie is invited to make cupcakes for the Queen of Romolonia’s big birthday celebrations. With so much baking to do, can she really make all the delicious fairy cakes in time? Will they be delicious enough to bring a smile to Queen Rosie’s face or will this just be a royal recipe for disaster?

In 2011, Flossie will enjoy a high profile marketing campaign with one of the UK’s top sugar companies.

A fun-filled picture story book with eight fantastic cupcake recipies.

Great baking activities for parents and children to do together with clear instructions and beautiful photographs of the finished cakes.

A story brimming with imagination and wonderful characters.

Perfect for children aged 4–8.

Approx 3,500 words including recipes.

Other titles in the series: Flossie Crums and the Enchanted Cookie Tree and Flossie Crums and the Royal Spotty Dotty Cake.

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