Little Red: A Howlingly Good Fairy Tale with a Twist

This highly imaginative and unusual spin on the Little Red Riding Hood is set in the late eighteenth century – a time of big wigs, satin gowns, powdered faces and wicked highwaymen!

Illustrated by David Roberts, of Iggy Peck, Architect and Rosie Revere, Engineer fame, Little Red is the story of a boy, a grandmother, a big bad wolf, and a keg of delicious ginger beer.

Young Thomas is known as Little Red. He lives with his parents in a cosy inn, famous for its sweet and fizzy ginger beer. Every week, Little Red visits his grandmother with food and a barrel of the ginger beer. But on this visit, grandma doesn’t quite look herself. Can Little Red save Grandma, and himself, from the big bad wolf?

Look out for more fairy tales with a twist from David and Lynn Roberts!