Oh Monty!

By Susannah Lloyd

Monty is a charming but cunning cat who, instead of looking after his owner’s freshly-baked cake, eats it and lets his fellow cat Tiddles take the blame. Twice. Is this the most naughty, dastardly picture book character of the year? Will Tiddles speak up? Will Monty get away with his mischief after all?

The owner of Tiddles and Monty has the most marvellous thing to show them.  

A cake, with extra chocolate and bonbons too! Delicious! 

She knows she can trust her dear little cats to look after it for a moment… but when she returns the cake is GONE! 

Just WHO could the culprit be? Surely it couldn’t be her own darling sweet little Monty? 

Find out in Oh Monty!, a story packed with mischievous humour and plenty of drama!