The Enormous Morning

By Louise Greig

Inside Day was Morning.
It was an enormous morning.
There was everything in it.
There was Pia.
And a rabbit.
And Pia’s papa.

Join a girl and her father on a richly layered journey through the wonders of a new day

Morning seems small to a waking girl and her rabbit.

But it isn’t long before colours and shapes and sounds come bursting into Pia’s small, quiet world. There are butterflies and toys, clothes and golden sunshine . . . Then, as she sets out of the house with Papa, there are animals, plants, hills, clouds . . .

Pia’s sense are soon brimming, her imagination soaring . . . and her heart full of love and belonging.

A lyrical celebration of wonders big and small, waiting to be discovered by curious minds and open hearts – with joyful illustrations from the creator of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize-winning There’s a Tiger in the Garden.