101 Dalmatians - The Starlight Barking (101 Dalmatians)

By Dodie Smith

Dodie Smith’s classic sequel to The Hundred and One Dalmations.

Strange things are happening. Dogs are the only creatures in the world that are awake, and they can communicate through thought waves. Best of all, they can swoosh through the air. Pongo, Missis and the family swoosh up to London to see if they can help sort out what’s going on. Is it Cruella de Vil, up to her old tricks? Or is it something or someone far more sinister?

The Hundred and One Dalmations is an all-time classic children’s book. Famously adapted by Walt Disney Studios, it continues to be one of the most popular children’s books long after the author’s death. The Starlight Barking is another exciting adventure by Dodie Smith not just for 101 Dalmations, but for every other kind of dog, too!