The Very Best Sheepdog

By Rosie Wellesley

With high-flying, prize-winning parents, Ben the sheepdog has got a lot to live up to. However, he is the most hopeless sheepdog on the farm.

A gentle story about friendship that is perfect for parents and children to share together.

Ben the sheepdog tries so hard to get it right, but keeps getting everything wrong. One day he makes friends with a lamb and they have a wonderful time together playing ‘sniff and seek’. However, this unlikely friendship makes him the laughing stock of the farm.

One evening, a storm comes and scares all the sheep away onto the hill. They are lost and visibility is poor, so the farmer sends Ben off to find them because of his good nose. Something amazing happens when the sheep see Ben – they follow him back to the farm and earn Ben a well-deserved place in the farmer’s heart.

Age range: 3-6 years