Winnie-the-Pooh: Love From Pooh

By A. A. Milne

Wear your heart on your sleeve with this lovely gift book featuring words of love from the world’s best-loved bear, Winnie-the-Pooh.

With original quotations from A.A.Milne and E.H.Shepard’s timeless decorations, this little book is the ideal gift for the one you love on Valentine’s Day.

A mini hardback book that makes the perfect present for Winnie-the-Pooh fans.

“Wherever I am there’s always Pooh

There’s always Pooh and me.

Whatever I do, he wants to do,

“Where are you going today?” says Pooh.

“Well that’s very odd ’cos I was too.”

This little book is yours with love from Pooh.

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