Write Your Own Chillers

By Daniel Tatarsky
  • Interactive ebook with ‘Time to Write’ and ‘Writing Tips’ waiting to be revealed at the press of a button
  • Learn how to create your own characters, captivate your readers, set up great scenarios and end with the ultimate twist
  • Chapters include Flights of Fantasy, Tricks of the Trade, Putting Pen to Paper and Editing and Publishing.

A good fantasy takes you out of this world and creates a world that is wonderful and real. So why not write your own? This book gives you all you need to entrance your readers and get them searching for clues.

Full of tips, advice and new ways of approaching creative writing, this is a handy guide for every aspiring writer.

Author Information

Pie Corbett, educationalist and author, is well-known for his books on teaching creative writing, as well as many other educational books, schemes and anthologies. Pie writes widely in the educational press, provides training nationally and works as a poet and storyteller in schools.