Read Jim Smith’s amazekeel writing tips

Throughout November, we’ve been sharing writing tips from a selection of our amazing authors. To round off the month of brilliant advice, we have amazekeel tips from Jim Smith, author of the hilarious Barry Loser and Future Ratboy series.

Jim Smith’s Writing Tips

1. Pretend you have a normal job. Start work when everyone else does, have lunch when they would, finish when they do.

2. Forget that sometimes and bunk off to get inspiration.

3. Worry all the time. It’s good for coming up with ideas.

4. Every now and again don’t worry for five minutes and relax. It’ll help your ideas crystallise.

5. Don’t panic when it feels like you won’t have another idea ever again. That’s usually the start of the idea-coming-up-with process.

Barry Loser in the Tom Fletcher Book Club

For the Tom Fletcher Book Club, exclusive to WHSmith, ten great titles were picked by Tom for children aged between seven and eleven years, to help get kids excited about reading and talking about books. Barry Loser: I am Not a Loser is the final book to be featured in the Tom Fletcher Book Club.

Read Tom Fletcher’s full review of Barry Loser – I am Not A Loser by Jim Smith, and enjoy special extracts of this hilarious book on the WHSmith website. For the next two weeks you can even buy a discounted copy of Barry Loser: I am Not a Loser by Jim Smith in WHSmith stores!

You can also learn how to draw Barry Loser with this amazekeel video by Jim Smith, made exclusively for WHSmith!

About Jim Smith

Author portrait of Jim Smith

Jim Smith is the keelest kids’ book author in the whole wide world amen. He graduated from art school with first class honours (the best you can get) and went on to create the branding for a sweet little chain of coffee shops.

He also designs cards and gifts under the name Waldo Pancake. Jim is the author of Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winning series, BARRY LOSER. Look out for his hilarious new series, Future Ratboy.

Check out Jim Smith’s keel Barry Loser website to find out more about these

About NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), is an annual, online creative writing project that takes place every November. Around the world, people of all ages try to write a 50,000 word manuscript between 01 and 30 November, while gaining support from other writers and NaNoWriMo participants. Find out more on the NaNoWriMo website.

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