Cindergorilla Learning Resources

Cindergorilla is the second book in the Fairytales for the Fearless series for 3-5 year olds.  Download Cindergorilla Learning Resources which provide activities to support pupils’ development in EYFS.

Pupils will discuss the events in the story. They will create their own disco, explore characters’ feelings and compare the story to other stories that they are familiar with.

What pupils will learn

By reading Cindergorilla and taking part in the planned, engaging activities, children will have the opportunity to explore and develop skills covering a variety of statements from Development Matters (revised July 2021) and Early Learning Goals (ELG) from the Statutory Framework for the early years foundation stage (March 2021) in these areas:

  • Prime areas: communication and language, physical development
  • Specific areas: literacy, expressive arts and design

Statements that link to the two documents are highlighted on each activity throughout the resource pack.

About The Book

Cindergorilla is a fun-filled twist on the classic children’s fairy tale Cinderella, celebrating resilience and becoming your true self!

Cindergorilla loves to dance. She longs to go to the Saturday Night Disco Ball, where the other gorillas strut their stuff, but her horrid aunt and cousins, Gertrude and Grace always say no. Instead Cindergorilla must stay home and do the housework!

But all that changes when Cinder gets a visit from her Hairy Godmother . . .

Will she get to go to the ball, after all?

The second hilarious title in a fun-filled fairytale series with empowering messages for young readers by Gareth P. Jones with vibrant, colourful illustrations by Loretta Schauer.

For children aged 3-5.


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