PAW PATROL: The Clean Machine

By Paw Patrol

Oh no! Speed Meister has made.a mess of the racetrack in Builder Cove. Can Rubble and his construction crew family work together to create a new car wash and clean up the track in time for the Builder Cove Vroom-Vroom Road Race?

Let’s Bow-Wow Build!

When Speed Meister causes mischief on the racetrack it’s up to the Builder Cove construction pups to save the day. Who will win the coveted Fruit Trophy?

Let’s race!

Author: Paw Patrol
Format: Paperback
Ageband: from 3
Release Date: 04 Jul 2024
Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-0-00-861663-2
Led by 10-year-old Ryder, the plucky pups of PAW Patrol are rescue dogs in training. Each pup is inspired by a real-world job like fire fighter and construction worker. When trouble strikes Adventure Bay, they\'re there to save the day! Whether it\'s a cat in a tree or a train off the tracks, they always find a way to help those in need.