Sales, Rights and PR

Reaching Out to Our Customers

Our purpose above all else is to inspire children to read. To do that – to get our books out there – we depend on the relationships we build and maintain. Only through those relationships can we sell books effectively and reach our readers.

This means the relationships we have with people and companies in the book trade are particularly important to us. Whether you’re a bookseller, supermarket, online retailer or department store, we see you as our partner. Together, we want to reach as many readers as possible by selling our books. Books that we’re all passionate about.

HarperCollins IndieThinking offers dedicated resources to independent booksellers in the UK and Ireland. You’ll find information about new releases, signed books, author events, special offers, proofs and point-of-sale on the website.


Our Farshore Stocklist Catalogue 2022 is now available to download!

Publicity Enquiries

For a press or publicity query on one of our titles, please contact:

You can also contact our PR team if you’re interested in having one of our authors visit your school or library.

Bloggers & Vloggers

If you are a blogger or vlogger and are interested in receiving review copies from us, please refer to the Review Copy Guidelines page on the HarperCollins UK website for more information on how to request review copies:

Foreign Rights Enquiries

Please refer to the Rights page on the HarperCollins UK website for answers to your questions and a list of contacts:


For any queries regarding permissions, please refer to the Permissions page on the HarperCollins UK website for more information:

International Sales

The Harper Reach website is here to provide information and updates to all our international customers. You’ll also find exclusive author content as well as contact details.