This Can Never Not Be Real

By Sera Milano

A compelling, heartbreaking and hopeful book for fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Jennifer Niven and Holly Jackson.

In the unremarkable town of Amberside, the unthinkable has happened: Terrorists have attacked a local festival. No one knows why, and no one knows who the attackers are, but that doesn’t matter. What matters first is survival. And what matters after that is survival, too.

In this brilliantly written account of hope, humour and humanity, five ordinary teenagers are caught up in a truly extraordinary situation. It’s a heart-pounding and gripping account of the fight for survival as the attackers prowl the festival grounds, told from multiple perspectives.

This is a book for anyone facing the barrage of bleak reports that fill our newsfeeds and for anyone who needs to see that behind the hate that makes the headlines, there is always love.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: from 14
Release Date: 29 Apr 2021
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-0-7555-0033-8
Sera Milano also writes as Birdie Milano.Before writing her first novel, Sera dabbled in the theatre, worked as a bookseller, taught drama classes for children, and dispensed romantic advice to internet daters. After earning a degree in creative writing at St Mary\'s University and taking Bath Spa\'s \'Writing for Children\' MA, she published two books for younger readers under the name Birdie Milano. Vile Stars is her second stunning novel for young adults.

”'Told in a bold style, This Can Never Not Be Real is utterly gripping from the first page to the last. It's a heart-in-mouth, heavy breathing, oh my gosh what's just happened, compulsive read that you will be racing to get to the end of. In a word, stunning.” - George Lester, author of Boy Queen

'Five urgent voices, five lives dangling by a thread. A heart-in-the-mouth story about fighting for survival, the fragility of life, and finding love in the darkest places.' FInbar Hawkins -