The Clockwork Sparrow (The Sinclair’s Mysteries) 3 Week Lesson Plan KS 2 Teacher Resources

The Clockwork Sparrow from The Sinclair’s Mysteries series is divided into five parts. This scheme of work covers the first two parts (Chapters 1-10.) To get through the novel at this pace will require reading with the class everyday and setting reading for homework. Alternatively, you can slow down the pace and spread these lessons out over three or four weeks.

All the sheets, resources and worksheets referred to in these plans are available to download along with discussion questions to be used in Guided Reading sessions. Any additional resources required are written in red.

Materials include:

  • Scheme Of Work
  • Guided Reading Discussion Questions
  • Cross-Curricular Map
  • Worksheets:
    • Week 1 Lesson 1: Worksheet – Understanding the historical context
    • Week 1 Lesson 1: Worksheet 2 – The same and different in Edwardian times
    • Week 1 Lesson 2: Worksheet – Create an advert
    • Week 1 Lesson 2: Worksheet 2 – Create an advert – historical examples
    • Week 1 Lesson 5: Worksheet – Compare two characters
    • Week 2 Lesson 1: Worksheet – Rewrite an extract in the first person
    • Week 2 Lesson 3: Worksheet – Plan a newspaper report
    • Week 2 Lesson 4: Worksheet – The Londoner example



Other Resources